Husband, father, foodie, and techie, living in the Washington, D.C. area.

Professionally, I’m passionate about people, process, & products; and nothing satisfies me more than helping companies get all three right.

By day, I lead the Customer Experience team at AddThis, the world’s largest social sharing service used by more than 15 million websites.

In my free time, I help startup companies recruit top talent without breaking the bank (learn more); & provide individual career coaching to professionals (learn more).

When I’m not busy with the above, I’m usually out & about (or on the couch) with my wife Megan, playing with my son Brooks, feasting with friends, face-timing family, binging Netflix, or devouring social media. Occasionally I’ll write a blog post or two (read & subscribe!).

Whether we know each other already, or you’re someone new, I appreciate you stopping by and look forward to hearing from you!

– LD –