Over the years, I've been lucky enough to work with some amazing people, some of whom were kind enough to share their thoughts about me.

"For the past year, I have had the distinct pleasure and incredible privilege of being Liam's protege through Everwise. Liam has helped me in more ways that I can list as I've navigated the opportunities and perils of growing with, and within, a high-growth startup. His support was integral in my promotion to Senior Account Manager at the start of 2017, and to my continued success in the role. I could not be happier with Liam's mentorship and tutelage, and cannot recommend it highly enough."
Zachary Potter
Partnered with Liam as mentor through Everwise
"I was lucky to have worked with Liam multiple times in my five years a LivingSocial, within our Sales Operations Department. I saw Liam build LivingSocial's Sales Support team from less than 5 employees, to 30+ within our DC and Seattle offices, while most recently giving me the Opportunity to directly manage our West Coast Team. He was one of LivingSocial's key players in the ability for our Operations team to grow a rapid pace in 2010 with our launch over over 25 cities in the US and Canada. Liam is one of the most hungry and motivated leaders I have ever worked with/reported to and I am excited to see him continue his success going forward. He consistently goes above and beyond to push his teams to learn and push the status quo and has the operational experience necessary for organizational growth."
Adam Kebeck
Worked for Liam at LivingSocial
"I worked with Liam for over 4 years. In that time I witnessed him mature from a junior grade manager into an exceptional executive. Liam's work ethic is his foundation. He prides himself on his relentless will to deliver objectives with a business owner's mentality. He's a brand ambassador with a passion to clearly direct while ensuring his staff knows how they are contributing to the mission of the business. As a result the integrity and culture of his teams were always extremely strong. One of his greatest skills is talent acquisition. He hired some of the best people in our organization. There is no question hiring well is important but it's only part of the formula. He's also a thoughtful strategist who can direct a team while being an active collaborator. In other words, he hires well and knows what to do with them once they're in the building. All that said, I think the thing I appreciated the most about Liam is his thirst to learn and get better. He's a humble leader who is always looking to improve. Not exclusively for his own professional development but more to benefit those he has the privilege to lead. I loved that and it's why he became so successful so quickly. I miss this guy and I know whoever has the pleasure to work with Liam will see how good this multidimensional leader performs and how much respect he commands."
Sean Quill
Vice President of Operations
"For the past two years i've had the distinct pleasure of working alongside Liam. He is an extremely dedicated and motivated professional who puts his whole heart into his work. Liam is a strategic thinker, and a strong project and people manager, but what sets him apart and makes him a truly fantastic coworker is his passion and emotional intelligence. Liam conducts himself with humility and kindness which endear him to everyone across the organization. He is respected and loved not only for having worked tirelessly to build the company from the ground up but for doing so with a true spirit of collaboration. Many people can scale a business, few can galvanize those around them, inspire passion and develop meaningful relationships in the process. Liam is one of those special few."
Rachel Lubin
Vice President of Customer Experience & Retention
"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Liam in a few different roles at LivingSocial and I continue to be impressed by Liam’s ability to manage through highly dynamic periods of change. Starting from a operational position of strength and force, he was able to drive results no matter what obstacles he faced; an innate aspect of Liam’s perseverance. He was critical to the company’s scaling efforts, navigating a rapidly growing organization while balancing the operational complexities of a young industry and company. That experience, handling all aspects of the business, has allowed Liam to develop a keen sense for efficiency, not only in operational process but in product, sales, and revenue management. Liam is also one of the best managers I’ve worked with and has a knack for finding and developing some of the most dedicated and talented people I’ve seen. His passion and commitment to the work is why people enjoy working with Liam on a wide range of initiatives. His passion and commitment to his team and his colleagues are what set him apart as a leader."
Sunny Regulapati
Vice President of Strategic Programs
"Liam played an integral role in helping me obtain a great job after I graduated from college. He was able to help tweak my resume, offer outstanding interview advice, and assist me with improving my networking skills. There is no doubt in my mind that I would not have gotten into my current position without his guidance. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a dedicated, detail oriented, and knowledgeable consultant."
Kyle Price
Director of Acquisitions
"Among Liam's many personal and professional characteristics that make him someone you want on your team, I believe the most salient are his willingness to jump into any task with one hundred percent focus and attention and his good humor and attitude while doing so. I saw this time and time again when Liam was a member of my extended product team and was required to learn new tasks quickly and execute them flawlessly within extremely tight time constraints. Liam always got the job done well, and he always did it with a smile, which was very valuable to the team as a whole. In short, Liam's a genuinely great guy and a true professional."
Shawn Traylor
Vice President of Product