I help startup companies recruit, hire & develop top talent without breaking the bank.

The Startup Hiring Dilemma

What was once just an idea in your head is now a very real, full-fledged business. You have paying clients & more work than hours in the day to do it all. You're making it work, but you know it's not your best work. You've decided it's time to expand & grow the team. You're excited & terrified all at once. Next to your idea, having the right people on your team to execute it is critical to your success. You only want to hire the best person you can find, but with as little time, effort, & expense as possible. Unfortunately, the best people are often gainfully employed & not actively looking for work. So much for little time & effort... I'm here to help!

Practical Pricing, Multiple Options

Pay to Save
Higher Hourly, Lower Placement Fee
$100/hr + 6% Final Salary
Meet in the Middle
50/50 split
$80/hr + 8% Final Salary
Save to Pay
Lower Hourly, Higher Placement Fee
$60/hr + 10% Final Salary


"You are really, really good at what you do. On many occasions, we discussed how great the process is, but especially how you were able to understand our company’s personality and brand while you were reviewing candidates."
Marc Ryan
Founder - Third Story Films

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