Required Reading Week of 09.17.18

A roundup of the best business news and insights

I consume at on of news on a weekly basis. This is a compilation of what interested me the most each week. 

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  • Robinhood Targeting an IPO | Robinhood is a stock & crypto trading app that is revolutionizing the way consumers invest. By offering 100% free trading through its slick mobile app, Robinhood not only made the stock market more accessible, it also made investing cool amongst younger generations that traditionally didn’t take much interest. They’ve developed so much interest, in fact, that they’re readying for an IPO already. Check it out if you haven’t yet.
  • How to Land a Job at a Startup | I’m a startup junkie. I love the culture, energy, and excitement of small teams with big dreams on a mission to change the world. This article posted by Chip Cutter, Managing Editor at LinkedIn, offers some great tips on how to land a gig at a startup. 
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  • First, there was IQ. Then EQ. And now, thanks to Jack Ma, there’s LQ | There’s no shortage of articles spotlighting the impending doom humans face when machines take over the world, which is why this article resonated so much with me. As smart as computers are, there’s one thing humans have that robots do not: heart, and Alibaba’s retiring founder suggests in this article that it’s heart that will be the saving grace of mankind in business moving forward.
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  • Bird is the fastest startup to achieve a $1 billion valuation | When I first heard about this scooter craze, I labeled it another crazy idea that worked in Silicon Valley, but likely wouldn’t elsewhere. Then I rode a Bird, immediately felt like a kid again, and was hooked. Now I ask people if they’ve “ever ridden a Bird” multiple times/week. At $1 to unlock and $.15/minute thereafter, it’s a super economical way to get around faster than your own legs will take you, and it’s so much fun! It’s no surprise to me, then, that the startup has achieved unicorn status faster than any other in history. Do yourself a favor and give Bird a whirl. Here’s a free ride.  
  • Lyft is Launching Scooters, Too! | Bird, which was founded by former Uber & Lyft alums, might currently get the lion’s share of scooter mania attention, but if you think Lyft would be left out in the cold, you’re wrong. This article, penned by founder John Zimmer, highlights the pink mustache’s plan for scaling micro-mobility across the country. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of this shakes out! 

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