Required Reading Week of 09.17.18

A roundup of the best business news and insights I consume at on of news on a weekly basis. This is a compilation of what interested me the most each week.  Robinhood Targeting an IPO | Robinhood is a stock & … Read More

How to Manage at Startups vs. Established Companies

When you’re a founder or early employee of a start-up, there’s a lot you don’t know. There are a lot of “firsts,” and trial-by-fire is the status quo — it’s where the famous “fail fast” mantra stems from. The beauty … Read More

LivingSocial –> GROUPON. And then there was one.

Yesterday it was announced that Groupon, the fastest growing company in history, acquired LivingSocial, the second fastest growing company in history. Prior to the acquisition, both companies competed to be the “King of Daily Deals,” a new form online advertising … Read More