Context Is King

Ever work with someone who asks you to do things that don’t really make sense or seem like a priority for you? Ever ask people for help with something, only to ask yourself why they haven’t helped you the way … Read More

How to Manage at Startups vs. Established Companies

When you’re a founder or early employee of a start-up, there’s a lot you don’t know. There are a lot of “firsts,” and trial-by-fire is the status quo — it’s where the famous “fail fast” mantra stems from. The beauty … Read More

Talking vs. Typing

Remember when AOL launched Instant Messenger in 1997? How could you forget? Somehow the company behind the running man that loudly (and by today’s standards) slowly connected us to the world wide web, magic of e-mail, and chat rooms managed … Read More

To Meet, or Not To Meet…

Whether it’s “jeez, I’ve got back-to-back meetings all day — how am I supposed to do any real work?” or “there was zero point of having that meeting” to “what meeting? when did that meeting take place? Why wasn’t someone from my … Read More